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Teambuilding should be FUN and in recent years has become a very powerful commercial tool.  Many companies have tried different method of integrating these into staff diaries traditionally these types of events have been aimed at middle management and upwards in the shape of away day activities.  We now see a bigger demand for these type of services across broader audiences.

We have the ideas and the experience to know what works well and what doesn’t.  We will brainstorm with you to establish what the objective of the teambuild is, is it to motivate your staff, is it to get them working together more efficiently, is it to focus on an end result???  Whatever the objective we can achieve this.

Once the objective is established we work with our preferred partners to formulate and facilitate the team build within your event agenda.

We guarantee that your staff won’t dread the teambuild session and will feel re-energised and raring to return to work!

Services Include:
Onsite Production
Project Management
Production Management
Activity Creation
Guest Management
Venue Find/Management
Print and Materials




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